The only way that workers in the vulnerable sectors can defend their dignity against exploitation arising from poor working conditions and low wages is to join THORN. The R21.76 per hour National Minimum Wage is not enough for you to support your family and send your children to school and that is why many workers live in debts and are victims of loan sharks and other creditors wipe out the entire wages as soon as it is paid into their bank accounts. The dignity of these workers is stripped to the bone as they have to borrow money from Peter to Pay Paul and some have to resign from work in order to claim their provident fund benefits to clear their debts.                                                                 

Our mission is to fight this kind of exploitation by truly representing workers in their workplaces and demanding better wages and decent working conditions on their behalf. We can only be successful in this noble mission if workers unite under the banner of THORN which is a founding affiliate of SAFTU the most radical and militant trade union federation in our country.